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We strive to reconfigure the intersection between ecology, economy, and emerging technologies in order to open our minds to radical approaches toward sustainability.
Introducing Tracing the Wild:
A dynamic data art project
telling the stories of predators
in the Maasai Mara
Premiered at Nairobi Design Week, March 11-19

"Tracing the Wild" is a dynamic data art project that visualizes data about lions in the Maasai Mara from Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT) as an interactive artwork. This initiative visualizes predator data as a series of digital and physical data-based 'portraits' in collaboration with tech developers, designers, and story gatherers.

This project, a collaboration with Nairobi Design Week, harnesses data from lions' patterns of territorial movement and conflict with humans in order to represent the predator ecosystem in Kenya's Maasai Mara region as a dynamic human-nonhuman collaborative artwork, providing a vivid and emotionally affective experience of scientific knowledge and real-time health of nature.

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Our relationship with nature is threatening the ecosystem of our entire planet in an existential way
We believe that we need to change our perception of nature on a fundamental level. We need to develop new ways of understanding cohabitation that undermine the historic hierarchy of human domination and control. To get there, we want nature to become self-governing - able to act in its own interest, free from human exploitation.
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In 2022, SNI has built strong and generative relationships with nature stewards, creatives and technologists. We successfully began onboarding our conservation partners into Web3 ecologies and matured into a trusted catalyst for regenerative, community-based eco-care practices.
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