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Imagining a new distributed global financial order interconnected by tens of thousands of local, environmentally conscious collectives.
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In the last decade, a philosophy of decentralisation has emerged in parallel with the development of open-source organizational technologies in Web3 — the blockchain sector. The result is a family of system modules that when combined, form institutional assemblages more than the sum of their parts.
Curve Labs is a team of design interventionists and software engineers who research, design, implement, and assemble these building blocks to create proofs of concept. They engage in the playful, combinational use of different modules to architect institutions that couldn't exist before, imagining a new distributed global financial order interconnected by tens of thousands of local, environmentally conscious collectives.
The Lab has deep experience in distributed and open-source technologies, and together, we believe we can address crucial problems of the Anthropocene today. To this end, the project scope is wide — they work on such myriad topics as digital cooperatives, data unions, complementary currencies, and open-source carbon offset protocols, with Web3 financial tooling like bonding curves that facilitate liquid and sustainable ecosystems. The founding team has built various modules for decentralized autonomous organizations including coordination mechanisms, version control systems and automated market makers. They also act in an advisory and consulting role, providing expertise on governance, mechanism design and Web3 project development.

Some of Curve Labs' current work includes:

Architecting a decentralized Prime Brokerage
Curve Labs were approached as a team of mechanism designers and experts in decentralised governance to design the PrimeDAO — a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that aims to: "Catalyse and coordinate an open-source ecosystem of partners, builders, and users that simplifies, secures, and makes decentralised finance (DeFi) accessible for the masses."

DAOs are blockchain-native organizations that can do many things, like govern their own assets without a traditional bank, manage their own code, and manage the code of applications they control. DeFi is a new form of finance where traditional mechanisms such as lending, derivatives, insurance, and asset exchange are brought onto the blockchain. You can think of PrimeDAO as a combination of the two: a blockchain organisation that administers financial protocols, analogously providing the types of services a prime brokerage would offer today.
Robin Hood Cooperative
Bridging Traditional Organisations with Web3 Technologies
Curve Labs wanted to demonstrate the feasibility of transferring a legacy organisation to Web3 by building for the Robin Hood Cooperative a blockchain-based governance system. Digitising cooperatives is the first step to transforming today's tech oligopolies into a diversified, rich, and sovereign data commons — an ongoing goal for ourselves.
Green Currency
Transforming the Global Financial Substrate
Currency is the fundamental medium of exchange in a given economy. The utility and value of a currency is a function of what it is backed by (e.g. gold), and who governs it (e.g. the US government). They believe it is possible to create a green currency that is backed by regenerative work, such as planting trees, changing agricultural methods, or educating about the climate crisis. It would be governed by a DAO that aims for sustainable socioeconomic transformation. You can read more about their thoughts on this here.
The Sphere
Supporting European Arts Through decentralisation
The Sphere is a speculative research and peer to peer creative medium funded by Creative Europe. Many artists have struggled with the bureaucratic inefficiencies and growing administrative costs incurred while trying to make art. The Sphere will attempt to address this problem by allowing for different actors of the performing arts ecosystem — artists, cultural professionals, audience, cultural organisations and a wide range of sympathisers and other stakeholders — to initiate and fund collaborations through clever Web3 technologies.
Berlin's Lab members, from left to right: Pat, (Top) Arseny, (Bottom) Cem, and Raph.

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