SNI Projects
A selection of our projects
Technology is the heart of SNI's work. We were founded by innovators in the blockchain and green energy sector. The Sovereign Nature Initiative is proud to be part of the ongoing Web3 revolution as we believe in the power of tech to redefine value for people and our planet.

We were inspired by previous related projects, such as Terra0 and Trent McConaghy's Nature 2.0 article, both of which suggested what has now become one of SNI's main pillars: the proposal of web3 tools to enable non-humans to have their own identity, to represent their interests in decisions that affect their health, and to become beneficiaries of a new multi-species economy by being able to capture, hold and distribute their value.

Blockchain technology gives us a model for "flipping the economics" where we can redesign value practices of capture, production, distribution, and exchange in ways that allow us to tap into the broad stream of market-based solutions for sustainability. We believe these approaches can lead to a non-exploitative, non-consumerist economic arrangement of the relationship between nature, humans, and technology. Learn more about projects that support these beliefs and endeavors below.
If you are a developer, scientist, artist, or investor who is researching, prototyping, or creating artistic explorations of conservationist projects enabled by new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, then we would love to hear from you.
These are the ways in which we can help
We can provide funding for new and existing projects.
We are well versed in the technology, law and governance.
We can provide you with exposure via owned and associated channels.
We have a significant network of investors, technologists and academics.
Contact Alessandro if you would like to talk to us.