21 MAY 2022 Amsterdam
SNI Experimental Zone #1
Calling all eco-tech allies, urban rewilders, biomimics, futurists, and all curious and creative humans invested in the future of our planet...

The Sovereign Nature Initiative welcomes you to our first Experimental Zone ("EZ1"), a unique in-person celebration of ecology, art, theory, and emerging technologies, produced in partnership with De Ceuvel.

We invite you to Amsterdam for a day of imagination, experimentation, and revelry in a special space where nature has a voice and value. This event will showcase immersive works by Marshmallow Laser Feast and the social justice project Breath for Sale, in addition to featuring an amazing array of world-class artists, thinkers, and innovators whose Earth-changing ideas are in bloom.

Accompanied by local musicians, dancers, and installation artists, we will celebrate emerging ideas and technologies from the Sovereign Nature Initiative ecosystem into the night and the future beyond.
Saturday, May 21 Program
12:00 - Welcome Address
Sovereign Nature Initiative CEO Catherine Bischoff will share SNI's vision for a nature-centric future and De Ceuvel will present their ecological land trust model and role in Amsterdam's arts and innovation communities.
12:30 - Experimental Showcase: New Technologies for Valuing Nature
Hear from leading participants of Sovereign Nature Initiative's recent hackathons as they share their solutions that consider the value and identity of nature in innovative ways. These technologies promise to lock value in nature beyond human exploitation, enabling systems that ensure a thriving planet. Speakers include Yannick Zehnder, Chris Harris, Sarah Friend, Robin Lehmann, and Mark Siebert.
13:00 to 16:00 - Workshops, Tours, Activities
Make seed bombs! Learn about hydroponics! Take a tour of the De Ceuvel space with landscape architect Anke Wijnja. Dancers and nature ambassadors will be present to further expand your eco-consciousness.
14:00 - Embassy of the North Sea: "Listening to the political voice of The North Sea"
Listen to an entertaining and thought-provoking address by Harpo 't Hart, designated speaker of the Embassy of the North Sea.
14:30 - Art Talk: Algorithms, Artistic Immersion, and Empathy for Nature
An amazing group of artists working at the intersection of technology and nature will share their experiences regarding algorithmic interpretations of organic life, empathy for non-human perspectives, and the possibility of translating nature's intelligence and point of view through immersive artworks. Speakers include Barney Steel, Olav Huizer, Daniela Gandorfer, and Ana Prvački.
16:00 - Tech Talk: Crypto-Ecology: Web3 Technologies for Conservation?
A group of brilliant theorists and blockchain community leaders will discuss the promises and challenges of using Web3 technologies to benefit ecology, species diversity, global warming, and other environmental causes. Speakers include Robert Fletcher, Trent McConaghy, Andrea Leiter, and Angela Kreitenweis.
17:30 - NATURE SPEAKS! Poetry from Nature's POV
Hear the beautiful winning entries in SNI's creative writing competition "Nature Speaks!" and an interview with web3-poetry pioneer Ana Maria Caballero (theVERSEverse).
18:00 - Kickoff Address: Presenting the Feral Atlas
Feifei Zhou, a renowned Chinese-born artist and architect exploring spatial, cultural, and ecological impacts of today's industrialized built environment will present the new digital publication, "Feral Atlas: The More-than-Human Anthropocene."
Celebrate the mind-bending day and relax with performances by confirmed music and entertainment including FakruTu, Los Calxunxostuyos, Sentinel Island Disco (DJ), and experimental sound artist Hems.

In other words, you'll be in for...
  • Mindbending VR Experiences
    Imagine yourself putting on a virtual helmet and find you have become a tree inside Marshmallow Laser Feast's acclaimed immersive work, Treehugger.
  • Exposure to pioneer web3 artwork
    Wonder at the morphing organic shapes of Entangled Others Studio's more-than-human projection designs.
  • Test out new, innovative technologies
    Enjoy a samosa while testing newly prototyped tech from global hackers.
  • Panels & parties
    Check out mind-expanding lectures about the future of nature and technology, then take a walk to a secret garden to take in an ambient music concert while you watch the sunset.
Look forward to absorbing insights and lessons from radical experimentalists working to value and reimagine humans' relation to the natural world.
  • Feifei Zhou
    Feral Atlas
  • Trent McConaghy
    Ocean Protocol
  • Barney Steel
    Marshmallow Laser Feast
  • Robert Fletcher
    Wageningen University
  • Angela Kreitenweis
    TokenEngineering Academy
  • Olav Huizer
    WERC Studio
  • Daniela Gandorfer
    Logische Phantasie Lab
  • Ana Prvački
  • Harpo 'T Hart
    Embassy of the North Sea
  • Ana Maria Caballero
The Venue
Our event takes place at De Ceuvel, an innovative land-trust ecological and architectural project located on a former shipyard in the North of Amsterdam.